This McDonald’s Holiday Cup Is Spreading A Little Too Much Good Cheer

The holiday season is about three things: Love, peace, and seeing which major international brand will offend the most people, thereby earning itself enough free advertising to coast well into February. Last year, it was Starbucks. This year, that honor may just go to the fine folks at McDonald’s who accidentally put an ass in thigh-high socks on their cup.

Before we all start freaking out (and expect the outrage to hit sometime this afternoon after all the laughter stops), it’s important to note that what appears on the cup (you can see it below! No snickering!) is supposed to look like a pair of warm woolen mittens. Add a few pen strokes, however, and the picture looks much, much more x-rated.

Here’s the original image:

A little awkward, sure, but not too pornographic. If you squint real hard and decide that the season is all about being kind and charitable you could even say “sure, those look like some strange knock-off mittens that a well-meaning aunt with no skill for knitting made” and leave it at that. After all, who spends much time looking at cups? (Besides this assh*le)

But then you look at the modified drawing below and can’t help but think that somehow, somewhere, a McDonald’s design exec accidentally created not mittens but a tribute to one of the world’s most beloved/reviled shock sites (the name of which we cannot mention on polite sites such as this).

Here’s hoping whoever’s responsible for this got a raise — look at all those tweets, it’s promotional heaven! — as opposed to a pink slip. Now all you’ve got to do is grab your cup before they mysteriously disappear and then save it for next year when you can pull it out, gather the kids around the fire, and ask “Where were you when you first discovered that McDonald’s holiday cup had a dude ready for a prostate exam proudly emblazoned upon it?”

(H/T: Grubstreet)

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