McDonald’s Is Selling 200 Bottles Of Big Mac Special Sauce On eBay For Charity

Few things are as sacred in the realm of fast food chains as the so-called “special sauce” used by McDonald’s on its trademark Big Mac hamburgers. While most people will probably tell us that the sauce isn’t special at all, and it’s really just glorified Thousand Island dressing, fast food purists and grown adults who once sang the McDonald’s theme song as children will plug their ears and shout nonsense to ignore such harsh buzzkillers. But now Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese are making it so 200 lucky people will be able to own their own 500 ml bottles of the orange stuff, as the Australian branch of the Golden Arches is selling them on eBay with proceeds benefitting the country’s Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Before you scoff, people are really into this idea because bottle No. 1 is currently fetching about $18,000 on eBay. And this isn’t one of those ridiculous auctions that people just bid like crazy because they think they’re funny. You actually have to be pre-approved to bid. Fancy, right? So why on Earth should I spend three times the value of my car for a bottle of burger goo?

So slide the mustard, mayo and tomato sauce to the back of the fridge – because everything tastes better when it tastes like the Big Mac.

Leftovers… better!
Steak… better!
Your mum’s amazing lasagne… better!
Your boyfriend’s gross lasagne… better!
Chicken Caesar Salad… better!
Hungarian Goulash… better!

But why stop there?
Cupcakes, ice cream, macaroni jewellery, fish oil capsules. Don’t like brussel sprouts? You will now!*

With 500ml to play with, you’ll have enough to impress your friends at dinner parties, cheat your way to cooking show fame, and get elected as Prime Minister! (Via eBay)

If all 200 bottles of this special sauce raise as much money as this one, it’ll truly be a great day for Australia’s Ronald McDonald House Charities. In the meantime, I’ll be working on yet another letter to Taco Bell to get them to donate a bathtub full of Lava Sauce to my favorite charity – me.

(H/T to Eater)