Someone Gave That Pandering McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Commercial The Parody It So Richly Deserves

Have you seen McDonald’s’ new “Signs” campaign yet? Of course you have, because it’s everywhere. The commercial, set to children singing “Carry On” by Fun makes use of McDonald’s various franchise signs to set what is supposed to be a heartwarming and inspirational reminder that through tragedies, adversity, and even the most minor victories and celebrations of good, down-home, salt of the earth people — MCDONALD’S will steadfastly be there.


Pretty much my sentiments exactly.

So someone going by Signlover15 on YouTube made this excellent parody which makes use of all the times McDonald’s magnetic signs have been expertly tampered with by pranksters, to create the real feeling invoked when one thinks about McDonald’s. It’s near unfathomable to me how someone in the company’s marketing department didn’t see this coming.

The original, for comparison:

(Via BroBible)