McDonald’s Is Handing Out Free Breakfast To People With Taco Bell Receipts

McDonalds Q2 Profit Drops 4.5 Percent On Stronger Dollar, Tougher Competition
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McDonald’s is so sure that what they serve for breakfast is better than anything Taco Bell can come up with the rest of the day, they’re daring fans to leave “the border” and show up to the Golden Arches with a Taco bell receipt and try an Egg McMuffin on for size.

CNN Money reports that McDonald’s is currently running the promotion in Pennsylvania, where they’re handing out free breakfast sandwiches — who among us could really only eat one Egg McMuffin? — until the 17th. According to CNN, the move is meant to reinvigorate McDonald’s’ sales and also help reintroduce customers to a returning favorite while cleaning up shop on less popular items:

Struggling amid lousy sales, McDonald’s (MCD) said it’s eliminating some menu items. But it’s bringing back its Chicken Selects tenders after a two-year hiatus.

The promotion comes on the heels of another excellent McDonald’s decision: The chain’s experiment in all-day breakfasts, which the fast food giant has been trying in San Diego and will hopefully bring to the rest of the world soon. Let’s hope they try delivery next.

(Via CNN Money)