Men In Taiwan Are Going Crazy Over A McDonald’s Waitress They’re Calling A Goddess

In America, McDonald’s is a place you want to get out of as quickly as possible once you’re done absorbing all the grease and salt particles in your food. In Taiwan, however, it’s a much different story. Waitresses (there are waitresses!) dress up in sailor and maid costumes and people go to the restaurant for a very special experience. And one waitress is currently being elevated to goddess status after a picture of her working was posted on the web and went viral.

BroBible reports that Wei Han Xu (or Wei Wei) is a model and college student who’s been working at the golden arches for the past five years. She’s probably also the first McDonald’s employee who’s so famous that people come to the restaurant just to look at her. She’s even been on several talk shows.

And while she’s happy with all the fame she’s been receiving (she is a model, after all), BroBible reports that her boss wishes people would gawk less and buy more. Or that the guys who show up just to stare would stay home and just look at Wei Wei’s Instagram, which is chock-full of photos of the woman who may unseat Ronald as McDonald’s biggest star.

(Via BroBible)