'Mean Girls' Explains Why Everyone's Being So Cruel To Miley Cyrus About Her Hair, Like, OMG

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08.15.12 5 Comments

In the most shocking haircut scandal since Keri Russell in her Felicity days, which we as a nation are still trying to heal from, Miley Cyrus…cut her hair. Yeah. Despite the fact that isn’t that bad (she kind of looks like Robyn, which is never a bad thing), people have been having a field day with her new ‘do. You’d expect better from anonymous folks on the Internet, but nope. But like most things in life, Tina Fey’s Mean Girls has the explanation of why we’re so fascinated with the chipmunked one’s European-house-DJ-circa-1996 new look.

We shall call it The Draco. Also, very related:

You just know Miley did this after that tweet:

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