‘Mean Gurlz’ Imagines If Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Had Gone To An All-Black School

Todrick Hall was the mastermind behind one of my favorite videos from last year, the urbanized retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and now he’s back again with another movie parody. Though this time, the off-screen part of the Beast is played by Lindsay Lohan, who will try to sue star Bree Essrig for having the same hair color as her. Anyway, Mean Gurlz is now Mean Girls, but without Lohan and with Cady (Essrig) attending an all-black school after returning to the United States from Korea. Also, there’s more twerking in Gurlz than Girls (what coulda been, Tina Fey.)

Hey, Todrick, if you need another idea, Herbie the Love Buggin’ Out is there for the taking.