Some Monster Left A Mean Note On A Disabled Girl’s Car Over A Handicapped Spot

It’s tempting to want to shame people for parking inconsiderately, but you sure as hell better know what you’re talking about. Unlike an anonymous customer at a Target in Westminster, Colo., who observed Naomi Barringer and her 10-year-old daughter Kaitlyn park in a handicapped spot and enter the store.

Presumably thinking that Barringer and her daughter didn’t appear to be unhealthy in any way (despite the fact that Barringer had a legitimate handicapped placard in her car), the person decided to take the matter into their own hands and leave a typed-out note on Barringer’s windshield, copies of which they apparently keep on hand for just such an occasion. Seems like a cool dude or lady.

The note read:

GREETINGS! I observed you parking in this handicap parking place today. It appears that you are not really handicapped — perhaps just in a hurry, or worse, just plain lazy.

In case you don’t know, these spots are reserved for people who are truly handicapped and, because of idiots like you, they have to park farther away or not be able to come here at all.

Before you throw this away, know that I have called in your license number to local police. Have a great day!

I have a feeling they were less than sincere with that “have a great day.”

Unfortunately, what this person didn’t know is that 10-year-old Kaitlyn Barringer suffers from a rare medical condition called hypophosphatasia, which causes her bones to be extremely weak and brittle, and she very understandably sometimes can not walk very far. Kaitlyn was born with 13 bone fractures alone, which have been recurring her entire life.

“I am disabled and they may not know that and I can understand that because I do look normal but I don’t think they have to do that,” [Kaitlyn] said.

Congratulations, brave social justice warrior out there, for shaming a 10-year-old girl. Why waste your talents at Target when there are children’s hospitals out there probably just chock full of inconsiderately “lazy” kids with illness and disability? I’m sure they need shaming, too.

(Via KUSA 9 News)