Awkward Man Will Photobomb All Your Most Precious Moments

From Reddit comes the delightful Disneyland picture seen above and below. According to OP, he “tried to get a photo of our proposal…nailed it!” Enough about their dumb love, though; I want, nay, need to know more about the man who’s doing the photobombing. His internal monologue the moment this photo was snapped must have been amazing. “Ah, jeez, I’m so sorry, I’m just trying to get back to my kids before they make their stepmom’s life, ah, f*ck sh*t sh*t f*ck, did I mess up your photo? Sh*t sh*t sh*t, oh boy, I’ll be hearing about this tonight.”

The girl in the pink dress is NOT impressed.

And now he’s popping up everywhere:

(Via Reddit)