Meet Caroline, The Dog Who Drove Her Family’s Truck Into A Swimming Pool

An Erwin, N.C. couple brought their beloved Black Lab, Caroline, with them on a grocery run this week and ended up with their 1988 Dodge Ram planted in somebody’s backyard swimming pool. This wasn’t your average, everyday Dog Takes Its Owners Car On A Joyride story, however, because the couple, Michael and Ruth Smith, were actually in the car at the time. North Carolina’s WRAL5 News explains what happened:

Michael Smith said that’s when the dog got spooked by something. “When she gets scared she will go down on the floorboard of the truck,” he said.

Ruth Smith was driving when the 90 pound dog stepped on her foot. Her husband said he tried to pull Caroline off. “Before I could we were wide open,” he said. “We were probably going 50 to 55 miles per hour.”

So, if the dog getting spooked and “hurtling its 90 pound body onto the floorboards” — where, you know, important things like the gas and brake pedals are located — is a common occurrence… then maybe don’t bring your dog on completely non-essential car rides. Not to be the common sense police or anything.