Meet Daisy Ridley, The Unknown Female Lead Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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04.30.14 6 Comments

The moment Disney announced that Daisy Ridley would star in an unknown role in Star Wars: Episode VII, her Internet history was scrubbed away…by Disney. The House of Mouse knows how to make people disappear *Mickey’s eyes drift over to the rug with a weird lump under it*. So, with the provision that Disney probably got rid of the sex tape she made with a Nickelback’s Nazi-sympathizing roadie, here’s everything we know about the future daughter of Han and Leia. Probably. Maybe.

Age: mid- to late-20s

Twitter: had one (@daisyjazz) but it was deleted yesterday

How she’s described on her acting profile:

Most specific set of skills: Cockney dialect, pro at jazz singing AND dancing

Proof of singing abilities:

Where you may have (but probably didn’t) see her: Blue Season

“Lights On” by Wiley music video

Other roles without video: Mr. Selfridge (Jeremy Piven’s ITV series), Silent Witness, Casualty, Youngers, and Toast of London

Random photos floating around the Internet:

(Her sister’s a model)

Did she do a Lifesaver video for the Resuscitation Council UK? Yup.

Is she really good at staged photos with Carrie Fisher? Obviously.

Harrison’s impressed.

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