Meet Kama The Surfing Pig, The Star Of GoPro’s Greatest Video Yet

Move over, surfing dogs, there’s a new Big Kahuna in town and his name is Kama. In a new YouTube spot for GoPro’s HD HERO3+, Kama’s human friend, whose name is of little importance to this story, explains to us how this spectacular and talented oinker picked up surfing so easily, while some of us humans are so terrible at it no matter how hard we try. It turns out that all it took was falling in the pool for Kama to discover that he loves water, and then as soon as he saw that surfboard, he hopped on and declared to the rest of the world that he was ready to be a star.

Of course, I don’t want surfing dogs to move over too far, because they’re still awesome, but holy crap, you guys – look at this pig surf!