Meet KFC’s Latest Fast Food Abomination, The ‘Double Down Dog’

Last year KFC upped their game by taking the already artery-clogging Double Down and throwing a hamburger patty into the mix, although thankfully it was only available in South Korea. But as if a bacon cheeseburger with fried chicken for buns (that’s three different animals!) wasn’t bad enough, the fried chicken fast food chain has now theoretically answered their own question of “what’s grosser than gross” with the Double Down Dog, a hot dog with cheese sauce (oh, you thought that was mustard?) and a molded fried chicken bun.

Before you get too excited, as with the Zinger Double Down King, the Double Down Dog is currently only available in the Philippines — and even if you live in the Philippines, participating chains are limited to selling only 50 Double Down Dogs per day. I honestly have no idea whether that’s for hype-related purposes or due to some kind of public health laws in the Philippines.

Surely, this can’t be a real thing, you’re probably telling yourself right now. Surely, even KFC couldn’t stoop to putting a hot dog inside of fried chicken. Trust me, friends, we had the same reaction here at UPROXX. But it is real, and even more “appetizing” in person.

Behold, the Double Down Dog, in all its glory: