Meet ‘Lammily’: The Realistic, Stretch Marked ‘Barbie’ Doll That Embraces Imperfection

Lammily, “the realistic fashion doll”, hit the shelves last holiday season and definitely stood out from the gaggle of Barbie dolls that adorn the toy store shelves. According to Today, the doll was created by 26 year-old artist Nickolay Lamm whose fundraising campaign raised $500,000 for the prototype in one month:

Just like Barbie and her friends, the Lammily dolls have fashion outfits and accessories, but these too are little more “normal” than Barbie’s.

In addition to clothing sets that celebrate different countries, accessories for Lammily dolls include re-usable vinyl stickers that can be used to add real-life marks to the dolls, including stretch marks, freckles, acne, moles, grass stains, dirt stains, stitches and temporary tattoos.

“You can also add minor cuts and bruises, like ones you’d get from falling down while snowboarding,” said Lamm.

19-year-old Lammily here just wants to make her own awesome mix-tape. Those bikini clad dolls posting photos to social networks don’t phase her none. Neither do the scantily clad dolls twerking at what looks like a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. All ends well enough when Lammilly hits the beach and throws an impromptu dance party for all the flawed dolls of the world to dance to — stretch marks, acne, dirt stains and all.

(Source: Today / Lammily)