Meet The Mad Professor Who Designs Wheelchairs Equipped With Flamethrowers

And the winner for the Best Quote of 2013 goes to, “I love fire and wheelchairs so I thought why not put them together.” That bit of insight comes from Lance Greathouse, who according to Metro, “sends disabled people ‘pimped’ wheelchairs.” Lance opened Greathouse Labs, where his badass wheelchairs are designed to “reflect your personality,” after his brother Brent passed away in 2004 from a rare form of Parkinson’s disease.

Lance Greathouse’s mobility scooter – christened Lord Humungous – has a flame-thrower that spits fire 10m (35ft), around the length of a double-decker bus.

The dental equipment engineer spent a month and $1,000 (£645) building the contraption out of en electric golf cart, a helicopter seat, all-terrain tyres, and old dental machines.

“I would like to see some street gang member mess with someone in one of my chairs.” (Via)

Make that Best Quote of 2013, too.