Meet The Woman Who Threw A Dance Party In The OR Before Her Double Mastectomy

On Tuesday at 7:30 AM PT, mother of two and OB/GYN Deborah Cohan entered the operating room at Mount Zion in San Francisco for her double mastectomy surgery. But unlike most women faced with this surgery – or any people faced with any surgeries at all, for that matter – Cohan handled the pressure and fear a little differently and asked for her friends, family members and anyone else out there who might care to dance with her before her surgery.

Because in the minutes prior to her double mastectomy, Cohan and all of the trained medical professionals in her operating room held themselves a little dance party, as they got loose to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied.” The results were pretty spectacular.

You can follow along with Deborah Cohan’s “Healing Journey” on her blog, and hopefully there will be many more dance parties and flash mobs for this incredible woman for years to come.