Meet Ramadan Ondash, The 5-Year Old Badass Set To Take MMA By Storm

Leaving the Amway Center following the end of Saturday night’s UFC on Fox show in Orlando was like navigating a minefield, if those landmines were instead sleeveless, juiced up bros so fired up with artificial testosterone that they would have pummeled their own mothers. I kept thinking that I should have brought some protection with me, but then I’m basically terrified any time that I’m out of my house in Florida after the sun goes down. I would, however, have felt safer if I’d had 5-year old Lebanese MMA prodigy Ramadan Ondash with me, because watching the above video of him in action is basically awesome and scary all rolled into one ball of tiny fists.

As Cage Potato points out, it’ll be a long time before we hear from Ramadan the pro fighter, but if soccer teams and college basketball programs can sign children these days, why can’t the UFC ink a developmental deal with Ondash? He’d be the youngest kid in his elementary school with cauliflower ears, and I guarantee nobody would make fun of him for it.