Meet The Reddit-Enraging Food Blogger Who Only Goes On Dates So She Can Eat ‘Without Having To Pay’

Erin Wotherspoon has got some nerve. Get this: the aspiring actress/food blogger goes on dates with men…to get free meals. Well, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Next you’ll tell me guys can sometimes be emotionally distant. But it’s true: in her own words, the Toronto-based Wotherspoon “decided to become a serial dater to fulfill my restaurant hit list.” Here’s a typical entry from her blog, Restaurant Tips from a Serial Dater.

Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation and to be honest for awhile there I didn’t think I was up for the challenge. Yes, I had some good food but was it really worth my time? Keeping up with all the silly text messages, feigning interest in things I don’t care about and trying to figure out who the fuck is who. (Via)

Needless to say, the men of Reddit, where the blog first went viral, are none too pleased.

I like how she targets lonely new-to-town guys and preys on the fact they are more desperate to reach out and connect to people. And by like I mean abhor.

justice: She gets obese on the rich food she scams from the guys and can no longer fit into her little bikini.

If I wasn’t married I would take her out to the most expensive place I could think of then just leave her with the bill.

One of these days I’ll write something on the market forces of dating. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is while she thinks she’s being clever and sophisticated, she’s poisoning the well for other women.

Dating is all about ulterior motives, so in that respect, Wotherspoon isn’t doing anything wrong. I guess? I sort of appreciate how up-front she is about using the guys, but it’s also kind of sickening, too. Plus, this:

There’s that awkward moment when you realize your date thinks you’re Jewish…Maybe I’m sending mixed messages but I thought ‘willing to convert’ on my dating profile was clear enough. Sue me but I just can’t do the whole hook nose hunch back thing … something about the combination of the two.

And this:

Question of the hour…Is this going to stop me [she got caught, had to pay her own bill]? Hell no. The new plan? Guys who are fresh off the boat & literally have no friend based established in the country yet. “You’ve just arrived in Canada from Israel? Perfect, why don’t you take me out for dinner?” #genius

Yeah…not so much. Wotherspoon and the 300 Sandwiches Lady should be best friends.

(Via NY Mag)