Meet Stephanie Beaudoin, The Internet’s Next Favorite Very Attractive Criminal

Breaking the law: it’s not just for ugly people anymore! If Attractive Convict is Star Wars and Sexy Mugshot Guy is The Empire Strikes Back, then Stephanie Beaudoin is Return of the Jedi, except better, because she’s not an Ewok. (Meanwhile, Toilet Water Meth Man is episodes I-III.) The 21-year-old nursing student has been accused of committing 42 break-ins, as well as “theft and mischief,” in Arthabaska and Maple, Canada. I know about as much French as I do Dothraki, so this write-up from the Montreal Journal is brought to you by American ignorance and Google Translate:

Six new charges of breaking and entering and receiving stolen property were added to 108 counts filed last August…On the evidence, the nursing student broke into unoccupied homes, through the back door or through a window of the basement.

The prosecution submitted its evidence to the lawyer Stephanie Beaudoin Monday. “The record is impressive. I was given a document that at least 12 inches thick,” said Mr. Denis Lavigne.

She was also accused of stealing, illegally owned and stored improperly nine firearms. (Via)

She looks like this:

Stephanie Beaudoin will steal your heart, then your stuff.

Via the Montreal Journal