Meet The Belfast Man Who Plans To Be Buried In A Jack Daniels Coffin

While the above image might look like it was pulled from some new Jack Daniels ad, showcasing the delicious nectar of the Tennessee gods, it is actually one Northern Ireland man’s final resting place. For a little more than $5,000, Anto Wickham commissioned the folks at Crazy Coffins to make him this 111-inch tall Old No. 7 coffin, and while it looks absolutely beautiful, it’s only the tip of the shot glass for the 48-year old private security guard. According to Evoke, Wickham’s entire funeral is going to be dedicated to his love of a good time, as he’s even leaving a little something behind on his headstone to remind people how awesome he was.

… the booze-themed valediction to friends and loved ones doesn’t stop there as the eccentric 48-year-old is also fond of the black stuff and is going to enquire about being taken to his service in a Guinness delivery van.

‘I have even planned my music,’ he added. ‘I will be coming in to Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols singing My Way because I am doing everything my way and always have done.’

He added: ‘My headstone is going to have a solar-panelled iPad. I plan to leave a video message with pictures of the coffin, from start to finish.’ (Via Evoke)

Obviously, that’s a green light for anyone looking to steal an iPad at some point in the vague future, but Wickham isn’t planning on dying any time soon. The Iraq War veteran said that in February 2007, he was attacked 74 times and he witnessed at least eight deaths of his fellow soldiers, so he not only realized that he should plan his funeral, just in case, but he wanted it to be a good time because the others that he attended “were very sad occasions.”

Call me crazy, but a Jack, Guinness and Sid Vicious definitely won’t be boring.