Meet The Guy Who Built His Very Own A-Team Van

If you put a gun to my head and told me to name the greatest car in TV history or, even more specific, of the 1980s, I’d hope that you one of those plastic sheets behind me, because that’s not a choice I’m confident in making. Between the Ecto-1, Doc Brown’s DeLorean, Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra and KITT, there was some serious horsepower in Hollywood. But screw it, I’ll go ahead and say it’s the A-Team van, because how can you argue that?
English businessman Taj Majid won’t argue it, because last year he showed his love of B.A. Baracus’s trademark ride by pumping nearly $50,000 into customizing a 1985 GMC Vandura so he could fulfill his dream of owning TV’s most iconic action vehicle. So why spend so much on the A-Team van?

“It has been really hard work and cost a lot of money to get it all done and for the licence but it’s worth it,” he said.
“To see people’s reactions when you turn up to collect them for a wedding and just driving around has been great.” (Via the Express and Star)

That’s right, Majid isn’t fighting crime with a team of skilled vigilantes. He’s renting his van out for proms, weddings, and stag and hen parties, which I only just learned is England’s funny way of saying bachelor and bachelorette parties. We’re all about learning here at UPROXX, and after the jump you can learn about what a $50,000 A-Team van looks like.
(H/T to Oddity Central)
(Via Express & Star)