Meet The Man Who Got Arrested After Beating Up His Brother For Eating All His Big Macs

large big mac
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A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he got angry and beat the stuffing out of his brother for the crime of eating all of his Big Macs. To be fair, though, 47-year-old Thomas Veres didn’t assault his brother over one big mac. Or even two! His 58-year-old brother ate three entire Big Macs without leaving any for his younger sibling. Priorities, Thomas Veres’ got them! (No, no he doesn’t)

The Associated Press reports that the two brothers live together and police were called after the younger Veres came home in the middle of the night to find all the Big Macs gone:

Police say Veres returned home Wednesday about 2:15 a.m. and went into a rage over the sandwich, knocking over appliances and furniture and throwing food. Police say Veres also beat his brother, bruising the man’s right eye and left cheek and cutting his ear.

Veres is still in jail as of Wednesday and will likely not be tasting a delicious Big Mac for some time to come. If I were his brother, I would move out immediately.

(Via The Associated Press)