Meet The Robber Who Asked For Permission To Break Into A House

robber asks permission

The random possibility that someone might rob your house or apartment while you’re away at work, out to dinner, or gone for the weekend is enough to keep the home security and insurance industries in business. But what if the culprit asked for you or your neighbor’s permission first? What happens then?

According to KSAT in San Antonio, Texas, that’s precisely what happened at a construction site. A subcontractor working in a new residential development was asked by a man whether or not he could burgle:

According to an arrest affidavit, Danny Acosta stole a microwave, but before he did that, he lifted his shirt, showing a black semi-automatic handgun to a subcontractor, and asked, “Can I rob the house?”

When Acosta asked the subcontractor about a home next door to the one he was working on, the subcontractor replied, “It is not my house.”

He told police that he saw Acosta later come out of the home with a microwave.

Even with the weapon, Acosta was enough of a gentleman burglar that he felt it necessary to ask someone’s permission. Too bad it didn’t work out for him in the end. Though his penchant for being courteous will come in handy in prison.

(Via KSAT)