Meet The Woman Who Dresses Like The Abominable Snow Monster From ‘Rudolph’ Each Time She Walks Her Poodle

Residents of Allouez, Wisconsin have been reporting sightings of a woman dressed up as the Abominable Snow Monster — or “Bumble,” as he’s apparently commonly known as — from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, while walking her poodle “Blizzard.” After becoming something of a local phenomenon, Wisconsin’s Fox 11 News tracked down “Bumble” to ask her the not unreasonable question: “Why are you walking around with your dog dressed as a character from a childrens’ program?”

“Bring joy, happiness,” said Bumble when asked why she was visiting Allouez.

While Bumble gives out plenty of waves, and some hugs, she doesn’t have a lot to say. However, she did leave us with one lasting message. “Love all, care about all, beyond holidays,” said Bumble.

We are honoring Bumble’s request to not reveal who she really is. As for Blizzard the poodle, it’s a show dog that normally goes by Andy when it’s not out walking with Bumble.

Oh, well sh*t. There you go. You could negate that entire paragraph and just write “dog show person.” Also, if anyone needs a reminder, the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolph only became “nice” after they forcibly ripped his teeth out of his head, pushed him off of a cliff, and completely broke his will. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Here’s a clip of the interview with “Bumble.” I cannot recommend strongly enough that you watch this. Does she really talk like that or is she just playing a character?

Probably better if we don’t know.

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(Fox11 via Reddit/Washington Post)