Meet Your Future Crazy Ex On Alex Jones’s Infowars Dating Website

“Me: hates the government as much as I love guns, lives in a secluded cabin far away from President Obamacare’s secret cancer radio signals, counts the days until the sequel to Police State 3: Total Enslavement comes out. You: all that, plus you’ve got a GREAT ASS.” If that’s the kind of romantic advertisement you don’t mind making public on the Internet, then foaming-at-the-mouth nutbag king Alex Jones’s Infowars “Dating Freedom Lovers” website is perfect for you.

Last night, the wonderful @fart directed his Twitter followers to check out “Infowars conspiracy dating,” and anyone who followed the link was not disappointed. How do you know if Dating Freedom Lovers is right for you? Well, you should probably adore Alex Jones, who makes Piers Morgan seem rational by comparison. It also helps if you’re looking to find “people that share a passion for liberty and freedom and are ready to start a relationship.” Meaning, EITHER F*CK IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OR GET THE F*CK OUT. Let’s meet the Lovers.

Garry wants to give Mary a call, but he knows THEY’RE listening. Related: a fantastic “Infowars Pickup Line” hashtag broke out on Twitter last night, too:

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