Megacon Megallery of Cosplay Pictures (Part Two)

Now it’s a party.

Today we bring you another gallery of pictures from Florida’s Megacon with more emphasis this time on the female cosplayers (not including any of the ones in our first gallery).  Thanks again to debonair secret agent astronaut playboy billionaires Rob Gertzman and Burnsy for these photos.

(click pictures to enlarge)

“You’re welcome.” — Zack Snyder

Bjork called.  She made some clicking noises, screamed, and then turned
on a blender.  I think that means she wants her outfits back.

I had all their albums in the 80’s.

What is this I don’t even.

Sexy times.

Sadness club meets here.

Check out the rack on . . . oh, wait.

Hello, new nightmare fuel.

Hey, nice to see that guy from The Shining out on the town.  Where’s your friend in the tuxedo?