‘Community’ Writer Megan Ganz’s Dog Delmar Is Delightful

You may have spotted the delightful gentleman above on the front page of Reddit lately. His pictures have been posted with great success there three different times this week, but only one of those people bothered to credit the source, Community writer Megan Ganz, whose sister owns the dog. The dog’s name is Delmar, and Megan Ganz posted his picture on Twitter recently with the description, “Delmar: The Life, The Legend.” Let’s all just take a moment to look at him and rejoice in being alive to see this perfect moment. This is indeed the brightest timeline.

It also behooves us to point out that Delmar is part of a rare and beloved tradition of delightfully recursive animals. Let’s take a moment to introduce Delmar to his fellow clubhouse members:

Delmar, this is The Admiral. He’s actually a just a Rear Admiral, but don’t remind him. He says it’s “all politics” and then he’ll be complaining about it all night long.

Delmar, this is Lola. She was a show girl.

Here’s our Cocoa. She’s been celebrating her 4th birthday for the past five years. Obvious facelift, but don’t mention it.

This is Chester. He’s, uh, very special. He gets confused easily. Take this for example:

It took us three hours to explain to Chester it was just a floor mat, not the Phantom Zone from Superman II.

Watch out for this guy. He killed a Pomeranian just to watch him die.

And Morris thinks he owns this clubhouse.

[Pictures via Megan Ganz, Pleated-Jeans, Next Round, Epic Ponyz, Funny Pictures, Sofa Pizza, Bunnyfood, and Cute Overload]