Megatron Has Had Enough Of These Disappointing Millennials And Their Damn Selfies

This is what would’ve happened in the Transformers movies had Brett Ratner been picked to direct. Michael Bay has a bit more class than to include something silly off the Internet, that’s why his robots have balls.

What we see here is a street walking Megatron lecturing a lady in a furry jacket about the shallow worth of selfies and how experiences matter in life. He’s speaking truth, much like the video’s title insists, and he’s speaking it with gusto. It’s like something out of Frisky Dingo, except a little sad because this guy is dressed up like a cartoon character.

I don’t know if he’s the right person to be lecturing anyone on anything, but he’s not lying. Sometimes just looking and experiencing something is kinda nice. Not in a douchebag, I’m better than you sort of way. It’s just nice not to have to worry about taking a photo to prove you were involved in something (like say a hostage situation).

(Via LTavvy)