Melissa Rauch Discusses Her Parents’ Lifelong Misuse Of The Term ‘Circle Jerk’ With Conan

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05.14.14 7 Comments

Look: I hate The Big Bang Theory as much as the next person with discerning taste in television, but Melissa Rauch? She ain’t so bad. I remember she used to do the talking head stuff on Best Week Ever back in the day and I always found her to be funny and charming, which makes it kind of a shame that she ended up where she ended up.

Anyway, Rauch stopped by Conan earlier this week and demonstrated some of that sense of humor by talking about her parents and their complete non-understanding of the term “circle jerk” — which they’ve apparently misusing for as long as she can remember, while having no idea what it actually means. Which I guess is kind of a relief, because otherwise it would be all, “Don’t go downtstairs, your father and his friends are having themselves one of those circle jerks again” and that would just be weird.

And on that note, this is probably a good time as any to use this:

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