Meme Watch: Attractive Guy Gives Naively Unhelpful Girl Advice

Pictures of an attractive guy cluelessly offering dating advice which would only work for attractive guys has been the subject of quite a few posts on Reddit this week. The handsome guy in the picture is Liam Hemsworth, one of the leads in The Hunger Games and the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), but now we’ll always remember him as the absurdly good-looking meme telling us to “just be yourself”. Thanks, Attractive Guy Girl Advice meme. That strategy works every time.

Our favorite advice is collected below. All pictures courtesy of Quickmeme. Thanks to Reddit for the assist.

Are you trying to get us arrested?

Well, that answers the question on the previous page.

Wait, that’s actually good advice. What’s happening?

Oh no. The meme is becoming self aware.