Meme Watch: Bad Luck Leo Is Here To Divert Your Attention From Leonardo DiCaprio Banging Models

Maybe he’s attempting to deflect from a personal life filled with yachts, courtside seats at Lakers games, and running through runway models like they’re Britta filters. Or maybe it’s just that he refuses to do feel good films and rom-coms. Either way, things don’t usually end that well for the characters Leonardo DiCaprio plays.
With the whole Titanic anniversary thing going on anonymous meme makers have tired of the standard “weirdest boner” lulz and decided to run with an all new meme dedicated to the bad luck roles of Leo DiCaprio (Not the downers!). I for one will not be tricked into forgetting this track record though. Although if Django Unchained turns out to be as badass as I think it will I promise to concentrate on the Claire Danes era more going forward.
Quickmeme via Leonardo DiCaprio Diaries