MEME WATCH: Cone-ing

When I saw this video last night, a friend had posted it to Tumblr with a note that said, “I can’t believe how funny this is.” I can only add that I feel the exact same way. “Cone-ing” is freaking hilarious!

The video was made by an Australian named Alki Stevens, who seem to be a pretty prolific maker of funny web clips, and the premise is simple: Order ice cream at the drive-thru of fast food outlets and … oh just watch it. This video — which was apparently made to enter into a contest — came with the bold statement, “Cone-ing is the new planking.” Now, I can’t say that I see this becoming the juggernaut that planking has become, but I do see it potentially becoming a thing.

At the end of the vid, Stevens asks for others to post their own cone-ing videos. We look forward to watching them. We also look forward to memos from fast food company executives to employees warning them about cone-ers leaking onto the web. Those could be pretty funny.