Meme Watch: Cool Cat Craig Is A Stoner’s Best Friend

The first Cool Cat Craig picture (above) was posted on Quickmeme early Tuesday morning and garnered about 300 image macros in fewer than three days. It really shouldn’t be surprising that a cat lipping a joint and looking thoroughly stoned would be popular on the internet. (Imagine that!) We’re just surprised Craig hasn’t been declared the new king of Tumblr. That jar of Nutella will keep its place on the throne (for now).
Cool Cat Craig takes the idea behind previous memes Good Guy Greg and Good Dog Greg and adds a stoned cat who is courteous enough not to crap on your bed, puke in your shoes, or traipse across your genitals while inexplicably weighing an extra fifty pounds. And, really, could we ask any more of a cat than to be slightly less of an a-hole than all the other cats? This Craig is pretty cool (relatively speaking).
[All images courtesy of Quickmeme.]