Meme Watch: The Sgt. Doakes 'Surprise Muthaf*cka!' Meme Is Half A Decade Late But We Still Love It

I imagine it’s safe to assume all of us have quit on Dexter by now. I made it all the way through the John Lithgow season before throwing in the towel, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for hanging it up after they offed Sgt. Doakes in Season 2. He’s pretty much the only non-big bad supporting character in the show’s history who isn’t a complete waste of space. For my money no one has ever gone over-the-top profanity on cable as well as Erik King.

If Showtime’s only motive was artistic integrity Dexter would have ended after one season, not only leaving Dexter in fully kickass psychopath mode, but also ending on a Doakes high note with the “Surprise muthaf*cka!” scene that pretty much everyone with a respectable opinion agrees is the best sound bite in Showtime history.

Even though it’s way late, Tumblogger Corey Branigan introduced a Doakes “Surprise!” meme earlier this week that I want to become a thing real bad. The crux of the lulz are finding a word that rhymes with “surprise” and then shopping Doakes so he is coming at you with conviction over it. “Supplies Muthaf*cka!” and one GI Joe variation that I don’t want to give away are two of my favorites that follow. I dare you not to enjoy.

Suggestions for any and all ambitious photoshoppers out there: “French fries muthaf*cka!,” “Nobel Prize muthaf*cka!,” and “True Lies muthaf*cka!,” which in my mind is how any “underrated James Cameron movies” debate should be ended.

Source: The Branigan Project

And now Sgt. Doakes saying “Surprise Muthaf*cka” for ten straight minutes…