Meme Watch: Drunk Baby Is Holding Court At The Bar

When it comes to meme watches — much like public parks — I keep my distance from cute animals and babies. I’m an unpredictable bad boy who didn’t take on the internet full time so I could forward my work to mom, you see. I did it so friends and family would forever have difficulty explaining how I spend my day. I also did for the ladies. *Lowers sunglasses* How you livin’, girl?

But when an image as splendid as the one used for the new Drunk Baby meme comes along it’s just too irresistible to pass up. I mean, look at that kid. He’s just killing it in every way imaginable. Crowd hanging on to his every word. I want to drink so many pints with him. Learn from his wisdom. He’s just here to be real and tell his stories and let loose after a long day of sleeping and sh*tting his pants.

Sources: Reddit, Quickmeme, & We Know Memes