Meme Watch: Meet The Former Playboy Model Who Used Hurricane Sandy Wreckage For Photo Shoot

You know what Hurricane Katrina was missing? SEX APPEAL. Hurricane Sandy didn’t have the same problem.

As [New York City] reels from a devastating natural disaster that has affected the lives of hundreds of thousands, Brazilian glamour model and Manhattan resident Nana Gouvêa used this as an ill-conceived opportunity to fill out her lookbook.
Gouvêa, who reportedly appeared in Brazilian Playboy, showed a complete lack of sensitivity as she seductively posed by crushed cars, fallen trees and the debris-filed city streets. She proudly posted the series of images taken by her husband Carlos Keyes on her Facebook page, sparking instant outcry. ( )

Work that crushed 1998 Honda Civic, gurl. According to the New York Post, Gouvêa said that she “loves hurricanes because they give her an opportunity to spend time with her husband.” I mean, we all loved 9/11 because it allowed us to catch up on our Toby Keith albums, too, but that doesn’t mean it was a good thing. Speaking of: shortly after Gouvêa’s photos went viral (you can see more here), a Tumblr blog, Nana Gouvêa em desastres, was set up, picturing the model in other famous tragedies. Here are some of our favorites.