Meme Watch: Friend Zone Fiona Is Someone We All Know And Loathe

It’s been said by people who think deeply about these things that the key to making something go viral is that it needs to be relatable — specifically, it needs to be something that people can relate to strongly in one way or another. Taking that into consideration, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the “Friend Zone Fiona” meme has exploded in the last day or so on Quickmeme and Tumblr, what with the thick fog of residual angst over unrequited loves past and present produced by denizens of the internet, especially the ones with penises.
Look, let’s be real here — with the exception of the superhot among us — we’ve all, ladies included, been wedged uncomfortably into the friend zone a time or two. And yes, it sucks with the intensity of a billion white hot suns. But now, thanks to Friend Zone Fiona, we can all find some humor in it all and take comfort in knowing that we’re not the only ones.
Additionally, feel free to forward this post to any Friend Zone Fionas you have in your life for one final laugh: That moment she emails back, “LOL…that was so funny!” — totally oblivious to the fact that you were trying to drop a hint directly on top of her head. Good times.
Anyway, a few of my Friend Zone Fiona favorites are after the jump.

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