Meme Watch: Friend-Zoned Phil Is In Familiar Territory

A while back we introduced you to Friend Zone Fiona, the meme that hits a little too close to home for pretty much every person who has ever visited UPROXX. Recently the meme mafia (not sure who they are, but I am sure they exist) flipped the script on Fiona with the introduction of Friend-Zoned Phil. And by “flipped the script on Fiona” I of course mean “again reminded you of all the painful times you got brutally friend-zoned, only this time from your own sad perspective.”
Since they’re pretty much the same meme I think which one you prefer comes down to how recently you’ve been friend-zoned. I mean, I haven’t done any research or anything, but intuitively the recently friend-zoned would prefer hating on Fiona whereas those of us who are further removed from being friend-zoned can have a good laugh at Phil, the stand-in for our former sackless selves.
One thing I do know for certain: The poor son of a b*tch whose devastatingly embarrassing faux outdoor portrait became this macro is the one who got the rawest end of this meme. Dude might as well apply to nursing school and get it over with.
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