Meme Watch: Hippo Coworker Is On The Other Side Of Your Cubicle Wall

A little over a week ago The Telegraph published a photo of the day with this caption:

Two hippos appear to gossip over the fence. A hippo quickly turned into a noisy neighbour after being separated from his other half in the days leading up to her giving birth. The couple had been inseparable for months while living together at the Taman Safari park in Java, Indonesia.

And while many simply saw a highly captionable photo of a couple of enormous mammals those of us who have ever shared a cubicle wall saw a highly captionable photo of a large mouthed hippo that reminded us of an annoying coworker who thought we were better friends than we actually were. Whoever started Hippo Coworker is clearly in the latter group and behold: my favorite single serving Tumblr of the day. It’s been a while since my cubicle glory days but it’s amazing how much these still hit home.
Hippo Coworker via Buzzfeed