Meme Watch: Overly Attached Girlfriend, Starring The Creepy Justin Bieber Fan Girl

Well that didn’t take long.
Mere hours after her hilariously creepy video love letter to Justin Bieber made the internet collectively scream, “CA-RAY-HAAAAY-ZEE,” the psycho-eyed Belieber with the freakishly impressive dental profile who Josh dubbed “Krazee Eyez Killa” has been rebranded in meme form as the “Overly Attached Girlfriend.” Right now her ex-boyfriends are probably giddy with the sort of joy that can only come from “I TOLD YOU SHE WAS CRAZY!” vindication.
Is the memeification of this young lass slightly mean and a twinge sexist? Well of course it is! Welcome to the internet, y’all!
(Quickmeme via Reddit)