Meme Watch: Relatable Romney Feels Your Pain

Mitt Romney is many things, but more than anything he’s just your average Joe. The man loves “sport,” just like all you people who do your own lawn work and live in communities that aren’t gated. And just like the folks who trudged on down to a greasy spoon rural diner for breakfast this morning, Mitt Romney enjoys a good bowl of grits, not to mention saying “y’all.”
I mean, who among us doesn’t go to bed each and every night dreaming of one day having a quality dressage horse in the stables behind one of our homes? Mitt Romney did. And he made that dream come true! You see, Mitt Romney’s just like you and me, not some hopelessly out of touch patrician who ruthlessly took advantage of a rigged system to make himself filthy rich.
You guys, Mitt Romney is you, and he desperately wants you to know that you and he are basically the same person. He feels your pain so hard, the pain inflicted upon you by that evil, Anglo-Saxon heritage-hating socialist in the White House. Mitt Romney gets you. The “Relatable Romney” meme on the pages that follow is evidence of that, here to remind you all that Mitt Romney is a goddamn man of the people, and don’t you forget it! NOW MAKE THIS COMMON MAN YOUR PRESIDENT!

(Quickmeme via Pleated Jeans)