Meme Watch: ScooterKarp, Photoshops Of Our Fearless Tumblr Leader David Karp On A Vespa

The picture above of Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp appeared in Inc. Magazine a few days ago, and Karp added it to his own Tumblr page, drawing more attention to it.  The internet wasn’t going to allow a picture of the Tumbler founder riding a Vespa around NYC to go unphotoshopped.  TheFrogman posted four funny photoshops then encouraged others to post their own and tag them #ScooterKarp.  Fourteen more of the funniest Tumblr entries are below.  I also took the liberty of photoshopping ten more pictures, because all the kittens on 4chan were crying out for scooterkarps.

My baby takes the morning train…

Inevitable The Wild One reference.

Terminator 2 reference?  I’ll allow it.

“One does not simply scoot out of Mordor.”  

Ludicrous speed.

Roman Holiday

Uproxx Original

4chan and Tumblr, 2gether 4ever!

Ludicrous speed?

Uproxx Original

Yes, the bazooka Vespa really exists.  Update your wish lists accordingly.

Possibly my worst shop ever (this week).  Didn’t stop me.

I offer no explanation for this.

Uproxx Original

Uproxx Original