Meme Watch: Scumbag Santa Knows Where All The Bad Girls Live

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I grew up in one of those households where you simply didn’t question Santa’s existence. To this day I get a gift or two a year from the ole boy and I’m all like, “That tubby s.o.b. read my mind again.” Kinda weird, but whatever.

So when I just came across the Scumbag Santa meme — that appropriately started gaining traction on r/Advice Animals about a week ago — it took me a second to get my head around the idea of making Santa out to be a dick and get to the comedy. Or maybe it was just that the first ones I saw didn’t really do if for me, but it’s Friday the 23rd and I don’t have sh*t else to post and this couldn’t make more sense so I was determined to cover it it anyway. Then I went digging and came across a few variations that bring the funny. Like the one above. More like St. Dick, amirite?

So here’s Santa getting the scumbag treatment. Enjoy. Also, Happy Holidays to you and yours and all that. May your eggnog be as delicious as mine. Even though it won’t be.

Quickmeme and Slackstory via Gorilla Mask

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