Meme Watch: Selfie Olympics Is An Excuse To Fool Around In The Bathroom

We, as a society, are remarkably OK with photos taken in a bathroom. Think about that for a second: the bathroom is where you go to pee, to poop, to cry in the shower, but for some reason, cellphones have made it acceptable for mirror reflection pictures to become a part of our daily lives, whether because we’re the ones taking them or because we constantly see them on Twitter and Facebook. ESPECIALLY now that Selfie Olympics is a thing.

According to Know Your Meme, “Selfie Olympics, also known as Trick Shot Selfie, is a photo fad that involves taking a mirror-shoot selfie in a bathroom while posing in a physically challenging manner or partaking in an unusual activity.” The meme began late last year, but didn’t go viral until the last couple of weeks. Now, we have this:

Oh, so it’s an excuse to eat chips on the toilet? I’m down with that.

(Banner via @VincentCassella, via Know Your Meme)