Meme Watch: Stocking Is The New New Planking, Or Something

So this is apparently a thing that people on the internet are doing: Stocking. What people are doing is quite simple, actually — they’re taking stock photos, which we all know to be one of the more ridiculous aspects of modern life on Earth, and mimicking/mocking them. I’m never not cool with people mocking stock photos, BTW. The world needs more of this sort of thing, in fact.
However, I do take issue with one aspect of this meme: the Tumblr that kicked it all off is called “Stocking Is The New Planking.” Can we just stop calling new photography-related meme “the new planking?” First there was cone-ing, then owling, then horsemaning — just let memes be memes and not the new whatever.
Now, check out this stocking gallery … it’s the new sex…