Meme Watch: Story Time Jesus Has Got This

At the first of the month Redditor IAmHusband introduced the world to Story Time Jesus, which is essentially the confluence of all Jesus memes up to now, only way better than anything not involving raptors. It’s certainly my new favorite. There’s just something about interpreting Jesus teaching his followers as Jesus telling bro-ish stories at Dazed and Confused-esque field parties that tickles the everliving sh*t out of my funny bone (pun intended).
It didn’t take long for Tumblr and Quickmeme to fall in line. Know Your Meme has also already dedicated some space and research time. Call it blasphemous if you must but I don’t see it. There’s nothing angry athiest about Story Time Jesus. If anything STJ is spreading the good word, 21st century style. And people think religion and comedy can’t coexist outside of the Republican primaries.
“And I was like, ‘If you haven’t sinned bro, throw it…'”

Sources: Reddit, Tumblr, Quickmeme, and Know Your Meme