Meme Watch: Tebowing Is The New Jesus-Approved Planking

Certainly you’ve heard of Tim Tebow, right? You know, the saintly left-handed quarterback from Florida famous for being a virgin who throws passes that resemble arthritic chickens trying to fly from predators and who spends his offseason downtime circumcising kids in third world countries, because God hates foreskin you see. You know, Tim Tebow, the ridiculously hyped second coming of Jesus Christ who now plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos, largely by default due the organization’s inability to sign anyone half-competent to play the position.
But I digress…
When I came on to run UPROXX I never would have thought I’d be writing about Tim Tebow around here (As an LSU fan he kind of still haunts my dreams), but now he’s gone and become a freakin’ meme (Of course he has!) and as hard as I’ve tried to ignore it, I just can’t anymore — Tebowing is officially a thing. The whole craze is the result of Tebow dropping to one knee to pray, presumably, with his hand to his head seconds after the Broncos beat the Miami Dolphins last Sunday, a moment that even garnered the Taiwanese animation treatment. Or as, the Tumblr that sprang up almost immediately after the game to document people mimicking the pose, puts it, Tebowing is “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.”
So there you go. After the jump is a gallery of Tebowing, because God willed it happen. And when you’re done with that go over and see our UPROXX brothers over at With Leather for even more Tebowing madness.