Meme Watch: The Resurrection Of Guido Jesus

After falling in love with the Zuckerberg note pass, I didn’t think any internet meme could come close to winning my heart in the same fashion, but Guido Jesus is certainly making a strong play right now. Over the past few days I’ve LOLed more than once at this utterly delightful meme, one that fittingly was, yes, resurrected — brought back to life from the dead, multiple times.
Yes, according to Know Your Meme, the photo of the buff-looking dude at the center of the meme was first posted to Tumblr back in July of 2008 with a caption that read, “Guido Jesus, is that you?” It then popped up again in 2010 when College Humor posted the photo under the caption, “Guido Jesus cleans up at the Shore. He practically turned the hot tub water into wine.” But it never got fully meme-ified until the geniuses at Reddit got hold of it a few days ago and posted the first captioned image on July 11th. (Guido Jesus has many lives!) The rest, as they say, is history.
After the jump are twenty of my Guido Jesus favorites, culled from Reddit, Tumblr and Quickmeme. Guido Jesus is Lord of dat as$ and went clubbing in a too-tight shirt for all of our sins — the least we can do is genuflect at his altar.