Meme Watch: ‘You Had One Job’ Adds To Jurassic Park’s Already Impressive Internet Legacy

The reason I love “Go home, you’re drunk” so much is because you can regularly work it into your everyday interactions and even if someone is in no way familiar with the meme, it still works, and you find yourself doubly satisfied because that person thinks you’re extra clever and you’ll never correct them. This option is far superior to when I tell people “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” and then spend the next five minutes explaining why it’s funny and then forcefully make them watch Sweet Brown. It gets awkward. I really need to stop doing this.

Enter: You Had One Job. It started gaining traction a little over a year ago thanks to the above credits screengrab showing up on r/funny with the title, “ONE JOB PHIL. YOU HAD ONE JOB.” If you need an explanation as to why it’s funny you’re in the wrong place, as it only adds to Jurassic Park’s already impressive internet legacy.

So here’s a healthy collection of the finest “You had one job!” images the world wide web has to offer so you’ll be well versed and prepared the next time one of your relatives/co-workers/cellmates f*cks up even the simplest of tasks.

Sources: Tumblr, Know Your Meme, Reddit

And because if you made it this far, you’ll no doubt appreciate this: