#MemeHistory Is How You Wished Teachers Taught History In School

As technology continues advancing, students are learning new ways to obtain, process and digest information. Back in the olden days, doing a report meant flipping through pages and pages of Encyclopedia Britannica (RIP). Then there was Microsoft Encarta, which was cool, but it definitely doesn’t stand up against Wikipedia and Google. On top of the aforementioned is now #MemeHistory to help hilariously explain notable events throughout history.

It all started when @TylerIAm accurately tweeted on Thursday, “Making powerpoints would be so great now with all the memes out.” The tweet led to others chiming in with memes and captions perfectly illustrating historical events from biblical times to revolutions to presidential assassinations and every single damn thing in between. And just like that, learning about that time Kennedy tried and failed to invade Cuba or when Paul Revere found out the British were coming was made easily digestible.

Between #MemeHistory, that one student who used Trey Songz to explain electronegativity, and that teacher who gave students a quiz on Chief Keef, don’t you wish learning was this lit when you were in school?